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Realizing such a project means that one needs a lot of help.

Behind every logo, there are people with their creativity, their emotions, their trust.


I would like to thank all of you who I met during the last 8 years and supported me continuing this project in every situation whether it was here in berlin or deep in the mountains in Norway!


Without all these countless people, I would had to give up before the project really started!



My special thanks go to:


My wife Susanne Stier for her love, patience and support over all the years.


Christiane Bürklein for her incredible positiveness and the communication of the project.


Eva Moksnes from the Norwegian Embassy in London. She was the first person who really understood the value of the result.


She connected us to Narve Solheim from the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin who trusted in the project and started the cooperation with us.


His successor Alsaug Nygard who continued this cooperation in the same, relaxed way.


Ida Mo Svingen, the project manager of the embassy who did such a detailed perfect organisation over the last 8 months.


Jens Christian Boysen for doing the social media work for the embassy.


Marie Hellsen and Dennis Gotzmer from the Felleshus for hosting the exhibition and always finding an uncomplicated solution.


Janike Kampevold Larsen for curating the exhibition and Herbert Wright for moderating the vernissage.


Wilfried Hackenbroich and Andreas Riemer from Bluescope for the impressive exhibition design, Hajo Rehm for the great graphic concept and Geraldine Hellmann and Cristian León Buitrago for working it out in countless hours.

Christian von Manteuffel for producing the Making Of of the trip 2017 and the technical support.


Ingolf Lau from Erco for bringing us the light.


Bernd Wagner from JBW Interiors for the handmade art frames and permanent support in all situations.


Winfried Weber and his team from Just Big for the colorful prints.

Daniel Bandke for his technical and animation support.


Gerd Kunze and his team Setbau Berlin for building up the exhibition.

Marko Rueffel for supporting our setup.

David Basulto for the media partnership with ArchDaily.


Armin Hempel for solving all our digital problems.


And all the many many people who supported us over the last years with their open minds, time, ideas and patience. You all helped to bring the project to life!


Ken Schluchtmann

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